Meghan Harris

When I was deciding between schools last year, it seemed like I was asking anyone who I was remotely connected with to give me advice on what I should do. I received an enormous amount of input, some out of love, some out of logic, but there were two answers from two of the most important people in my life that ultimately made my decision. One was from my Young Life leader Ryan, and he told me that while he wanted me to go to UC, his friend Chris was the area director of Young Life in Toledo and that God was doing big things there. The other I received in the middle of a confusing and chaotic night, one that left me tear stained and breathless, desperate for answers and a tangible future that didn’t seem so distant and scary. So in between breathy prayers and snot-filled sobs, I…

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Daughter of the Creator

I’ve been doing a lot of running lately. Not the training for a half marathon, running circles around a track, hours on a treadmill, perfectly toned legs kind of running (I hate that stuff). But the mad running. The sad, lost and confused running. Lately, quite honestly, I’ve been running away from God. I’ve been doing a lot of selfish, sad sprinting, fleeing from God and from people who ask me how I’m doing. I’ve been running away from God because I feel like he messed up, or forgot, or had a bad day and here I am, displeased with his answers and I’ve resulted to running, a lot, hard–and my legs are finally tired.

I’m in a phase of life where I have gotten a lot of no’s. The biggest no came in the form of a rejection email, from an internship that I so desperately desired and felt…

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On living a worthy life

Meghan, it’s a two-way street. Beyond flattered and I love you very much.

Meghan Harris


This is my friend, Erica. She is beautiful and courageous and hands down the most fantastic human being on this planet. Erica attends The University of Alabama, and while she is 541.6 miles away, she is so near and dear to my heart. Although Erica is not home very often, the few hours she does have while she is in Mason is spent with many adoring friends and family. That is one of my favorite things about Erica, she has made an impact on an insane amount of people and is so incredibly loved. Due to this, I do not see Erica much while she is home. Still, being the wonderful friend that she is, she always squeezes in a half hour or so to hang out with me and listen to me rant about my so-called problems. While a graveyard or the back parking lot of the middle school…

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This is My Friend

Megan McCormack


Her name is Erica. She is really great.

I met Erica four years ago at cross-country practice. Coincidentally, that very same practice, she twisted her knee, dislocated it, and tore a few ligaments around it. Needless to say, I didn’t see much more of her that season. But next season rolled around and she graciously returned to the same patch of grass that turned her knee inside out.

The first practice of that season, Erica rode her bike. Just having gotten my license a few months before and obsessed with driving other people, I offered to drive her to and from practice every morning.

And so began a two-year stint of some pretty sweet Meg-Ebodes talks in my car.

Fast forward another year, and these talks moved from early summer mornings to late Wednesday nights. We talked about lot in those times: cross, boys, school, life in general. But the…

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