2017 Boston Marathon

I was a cheerleader from the time I could walk until I was 14. (All of my college friends are laughing at this point? Yes?) Regardless of your vision of Erica holding pom-poms, I decided on a whim to quit the sport I desperately loved and try something else as I entered high school. For whatever reason (reasons I learned years later), I chose running and started summer conditioning for our high school’s cross country team.

On a muggy and damp July morning, we were doing our usual calisthenic work-outs, one being the karaoke (maybe your coach called it the grapevine?). In a split-second turn, I felt a pull, a pop, and I was flung on my back as my kneecap dislocated. To be candid, I don’t remember perfectly what happened next. I remember bending my neck and looking up to see my right kneecap completely on the outside of my leg, essentially seeing a perfectly smooth plank from my thigh to my ankle. I remember screaming in pain, and I remember seeing so many black spots that I eventually closed my eyes as coaches and teammates huddled around to wait on an ambulance.

As I met with my doctor later that week, he looked at me, halfheartedly soft-smiled, and said “Your body may never be able to handle the pounding on your joints. Have you thought about swimming?”

No. No, I hadn’t thought about swimming. No, I had no desire to swim considering the fact that I cannot dive. (The above is an excerpt from a February post.)

The months that followed were filled with physical therapy and crutches and tears. My mom was constantly assuring me it’d be okay, when I felt nothing of the sort. Well, as most good stories go, the Lord was writing in the next chapter while I was still stuck on this page. Our great Healer, healed. Our great Father, loved.

3.5 years after lying on the grass feeling every ligament tear, I completed my full first marathon. In February of this year, I completed my second.

And the Lord, great in His faithfulness, is letting me cross one of the greatest items yet off of my Bucket List. This April, I will be running in the 121st Boston Marathon!

I’ve committed to raising $5,500 for the Boston Bruins Foundation, and I would love your help! I am so passionate and inspired by their dedication to bettering children’s lives, and I would be so grateful if you want to join me in donating to their mission.

The Boston Bruins Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation whose mission is to assist charitable organizations that demonstrate a strong commitment to enhancing the quality of life for children throughout New England. Since its inception in July 2003 by the Jacobs Family, the Foundation has raised more than $19 million dollars through a series of fundraising events. The Foundation, which provides grants to organizations that meet the standards of its mission, concentrates on athletics, academics, health, and community outreach programs that assist in helping enrich the lives of children throughout New England.


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