For Katy

Several years ago, an overachieving, ill-prioritizing Mason student started hanging out with a loving UC student . . . who also happened to be her Young Life leader. Several years later, that Young Life leader has become a supporter, mentor, well-of-knowledge, friend, and sister to me.

Companions, blog–readers, stalkers: meet my sweet, sweet friend, Kathryn.


There is no particular reason I’m writing about Katy today, and I think that’s exactly why I’m doing it. (Her wedding is on Saturday, though . . . eeeppp!!!) You see, Katy is selfless. She does this thing where she posts pictures of her friends (on days other than their birthdays . . . weird, right?) and writes extensively long captions–celebrating them, complementing them, loving them. Katy doesn’t pick a picture where she looks super great and they’re maybe a 5.8, no no no. She posts solo pictures of them, solely for them (as her followers, we are just privileged to read and tag-along for the ride).

Our entire lives we constantly hear about people who try to be different, and frankly, they usually end up being the same. As humans, we shouldn’t aspire to be different, we should try to be simply ourselves. No two souls are alike, so it’s quite purposeless to make yourself anything other than who you are created to be. Katy is one of the purest examples of this. Katy is Katy, unapologetic Katy, and it is so incredibly beautiful. She’s extremely different, yet she doesn’t try to be.

Katy is open, honest, and vulnerable. I respect her because she lives out what she says. She’s transparent with me and I’ve been extremely grateful for that. She was never just a leader to me, and rarely acted as my superior–she came into my life, loved me where I was, and then shared her life with me.

Katy, thank you for who you are. Thank you for loving people and Jesus the way you do; we all reap the blessings from that. You are incredibly beautiful and rare; thank you for being the light on the hill. Thank you for serving and loving me when it isn’t glamorous–when it is tears and brokenness. You’re a blessing, and I will forever be grateful.