Dearest Sophia

A few weeks ago I got to witness my sister’s life change, as she stood up at Saranac Lake and proclaimed Jesus Christ’s name. It was one of the sweetest moments I have ever seen. 

Dear Sophia,

You have just accepted and experienced the greatest gift you will ever receive. You have learned of the greatest joy in the world, the ultimate love story, the sole life-changer. You were incredibly brave; it took me years to admit I was broken and lost, and even then I didn’t know if I wanted to be found.

Saying yes to Jesus is the greatest decision I believe you will ever make. Saying yes and running to the arms of the Ultimate Savior is the most courageous thing you will ever do. Saying yes to Jesus at a beautiful Young Life camp (in one of the most fabulous places in the world) is awesome and so so sweet. Coming home, though, can be hard–and that’s okay. It’s not easy, but I promise you it is worth it.

Sophia, I want you to know that the Jesus you met at Saranac Lake is the same Jesus that lives in Ohio. It’s the same Jesus who longs for your voice, for your presence. It’s the same Lord who looks down on you, every single day, at our peaks and our pits, and loves you. He thinks you’re beautiful–precious, even. It’s the same God who thinks you’re worth dying for, and died for you specifically, Sophia Ann.

Here’s my prayer for you: that you lose your life. Lose your life to the one who created you. Give it all up to Him. And then, you will find it. I pray that on your best days, you know that the joy your feel is from Him. That praise from the world is nice, but assurance is found in Him. I pray that on your worst days, you know who to turn to. I pray you find joy in Him, and know that true healing and peace can only come from the true Healer and Creator of Peace.

I pray that you will learn of the love Christ has for us and that you will find energy, comfort and excitement in that. I pray that you know how treasured and beloved you are, and that you are never too far gone, lost, or broken for your ultimate Father. I pray that you fight for Him–every single day. There will be days where getting out of bed is hard, and I pray that you know where real rest is found (sleep still, please).

Sophia, the world feeds us lies, and I pray you go to Him to find the truth. I pray that you get caught up in starring at sunsets, marveling at toddlers, and spending time reading His word. I pray you know that the beautiful creation you see, comes from an even more beautiful Creator. And that beautiful Creator loves you, ransomed for you, and redeemed you.

You radiate beauty, and it’s not because of good genetics. I love you dearly,


John 8:32 — “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”