To My Baby Bodes–This is My Prayer For You

Daughter of the Creator

This is my beautiful friend, Erica. Known to me, and many other, as “Bodes.”


(Erica, if you’re reading this, be happy I chose this cute picture of you, and not one of the dumb ones of you trying to pick me up at Rockbridge.)

Last week I got a joy-filled, excited, anxious text message from Erica stating, in all caps mind you, “I AM A YOUNG LIFE LEADER AT TUSCALOOSA COUNTY HIGH!!!!!” Tears formed in my eyes and a huge smile undoubtedly appeared on my face in that moment, as I held my phone in my hands wishing so badly I was in Alabama with her, to hug her and jump up and down and shed the joy-filled tears I was shedding with her, rather than in my living room alone. I was overcome with love and grace and the way my Savior moves in unsurmountable ways, and I was…

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