Cheers to College

A year ago today (to the date, if I’m not mistaken) I finally decided what college I would be attending in the fall. Exams, wait-lists, stress, denial emails, interviews, acceptance letters, tears and endless support later, I was overjoyed to finally be finished with the entire process. I made a Facebook status about it, sent in my deposit, started worrying about the next 100 steps on my list, and I sat still.

So I’m trying it again. Here I am in 2014, sitting still in Starbucks at my beloved University of Alabama filled with joy. I don’t know how it has already been a year, but the weeks have passed like days and here I am–almost finished with my freshman year.

I had a lot of different approaches and ideas on the route I wanted to take this. Part of me wanted it to be a letter of reassurance and comfort to high school seniors, another part of me wanted it to be a salute to the Tide–filled with “Roll tides” and Dixieland Delight references. However, I do not feel that either of these truly do justice for what the last year of my life has been, even though those may have been the more popular topics.

The last year has been one of the greatest and most overwhelmingly wonderful years of my life. My time at UA is indescribably awesome and I never thought I would call a cute, southern town “home.” However, The Lord has been enriching my life in every aspect, and that is truly what has made the past months fabulous.

I want to write about all the amazing things and people I have been blessed with down here, but I would not be writing the truth if I didn’t tell you all where that came from. (I will most definitely do that another time, though.) When I made my decision, it ended up being much less of a pro/con thing and much more of a prayer thing. Long story short, I felt Jesus calling me to Tuscaloosa, so I shoved my numerous doubts out of my mind and went.

The bottom line is that He provides. College is a big decision, one of the biggest you make when you’re 18. Whether or not it’s right route for you, which one, what’s really practical. However, the second I stopped analyzing it, nit-picking everything, assuming seeing an Ohio State bumper sticker on a car was a “sign,” I had relief. The second I stopped thinking this was in my hands and in my control, the sooner I was able to see the hands holding me.

It’s not a black and white life we live. Whether it is college or jobs or what the “right” thing is to do, I am proven time and time again that there may not be one “right” answer. However, the less I think “me me me” and the more I think “Him, His plan, His life” the more fulfilled I’ve been. It’s not a formula, it’s not foolproof, but I have learned that where I see Him is where I see joy, and lucky for us, He’s everywhere.

So I sit in Starbucks today, raising my cup of coffee to Him. Here’s to lifting our glasses, our cups, and our lives to the Highest King. Cheers to the big decisions we make, but cheers to the much bigger God who goes there with us. There may not be a perfect school, a flawless job, an obvious plan.

Lucky for us, though, there is a perfect God with a better plan than we can fathom.

Thanks, Jesus.