30 Haves and Have nots

In case you wanted to, or didn’t want to, know what I have been up to for the past 18 weeks. 30 things I have (or have not) done, witnessed, learned and established:

1. I have eaten more fried foods than I ever wanted to/knew existed/needed to.

2. I have survived my first sickness without my mom.

3. #2 would not have been possible, however, without some of the most caring and wonderful friends (basically family) that I have made here and am forever grateful for.

4. I have concluded that fraternity parties are, in fact, just like they appear in movies, but hotter, smellier, and grosser.

5. I have done my first (and second and third and fourth) loads of laundry. And I did them, dare I say, successfully.

6. I have lost the ultra-important campus ID card thingy… twice.

7. I have also had my faith restored in humanity when anonymous strangers returned it to me… twice.

8. I have found a church that made me fall in love with worship more than I knew possible.

9. I was in the bathroom at a party and there was another girl who looked sober, so I casually said, “Hi, I’m Erica and I’m a freshman. Do you drink?” She responded saying no, which I then, all in one breath, asked her the simple, blunt question of “OHMYGOSH, DO YOU LOVE JESUS?”

10. Blair responded yes, and has been one of my best friends ever since. (PS~ She’s also my sorority big, unofficial mentor, and occasional therapist.)

11. I have been surrounded by some of the most intelligent and inspiring people I have ever met, and am flat-out humbled to get to spend time with them.

12. I have worn my hair in a bun 90% of the time, and my friends now recognize that as part of “Erica.”

13. #12 really makes me feel like I’m at home.

14. I have rode in the bed of a truck, sang Dixieland Delight, said “y’all” too many times to count, caught myself starring at the blue skies, worn red lipstick, complained of the weather being cold when it was 58 outside, and various other “totally southern” activities.

15. I have made my bed every single morning of college.

16. I have totally worked out five days a week like I promised myself I would.

17. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (#16 was a joke.)

18. I have spent (never wasted) time at TCBY with incredible friends, when I should have been studying for exams.

19. I have worn Asic gym shoes to (multiple) parties, and I have no regret about that.

19. I have seen way too many beer bellies on boys that are not even of the legal age to consume beer.

20. I have been intentional. (Yes, I knew I put two #19s–anyone catch it?!–and I specifically called our friends with beer bellies boys… not men.)

21. I have tried to take a selfie with Yung Joc.

22. If you were curious, the selfie failed, and I am left with a blurry picture of a girl with her hair in a bun and a random rapper in the background.

23. I have driven around until 4:30 am with some of the best friends I could ask for, eating Frosty’s and talking about boys on a “school” night. (I have also realized that if you call class- school or professors- teachers, people ask if you are a freshman.)

24. I have become the first Boden to join a Greek organization. (S/o to all my Pi Beta Phi ladies.)

25. I have also made the conscious effort to not put my sorority letters in my twitter or instagram bio because I do not believe that they are the most important things in life, nor do they define you.

26. I have been told I have an accent more than once.

27. I have not purchased any shirts that are a L or XL. I wear them, but have yet to spend money on something that could fit my 6’2″ brother.

28. I have realized what kick-butt friendships and family I have at home. It is nice having people who you miss and look forward to being with.

29. I have learned that there is truly only one thing that goes unchanging during a big transition.  And that is God. He is the same God in Mason, as He is in Rockbridge, as He is in Tuscaloosa. I am confused when people say, “Oh, God is different for me at x, y, or z times.” Here’s a little bit of a plot twist: He is not different, but you may be different. Maybe your relationship with Him looks different, and that can be good or bad, but it is the same God everywhere. The same strong, all-knowing, all-powerful, loving father is with you at all times. That has been a constant love, reassurance, and reminder of comfort. If you can’t see or feel Him, well, open your eyes. Because I would certainly hate to miss out on the most beautiful, and the greatest, gift of all time.

First semester was fantastic, and I do (already) miss it. College is great, but then again God is really great.

And yes, I am ending at #29 because I promised you 30 things. Two #19s, remember?


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