On living a worthy life

Meghan, it’s a two-way street. Beyond flattered and I love you very much.

Meghan Harris


This is my friend, Erica. She is beautiful and courageous and hands down the most fantastic human being on this planet. Erica attends The University of Alabama, and while she is 541.6 miles away, she is so near and dear to my heart. Although Erica is not home very often, the few hours she does have while she is in Mason is spent with many adoring friends and family. That is one of my favorite things about Erica, she has made an impact on an insane amount of people and is so incredibly loved. Due to this, I do not see Erica much while she is home. Still, being the wonderful friend that she is, she always squeezes in a half hour or so to hang out with me and listen to me rant about my so-called problems. While a graveyard or the back parking lot of the middle school…

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