Meet Megan

Meet Megan

Months ago, my friend Megan posted this:

To say the least, I was humbled and honored and impressed and about 9,000 emotions in between. Not only was that one of the kindest things I had ever read, Megan has a true gift of the craft of writing and language. (And even though her major changes, well, monthly, I think she will be very successful if she does anything English/teaching-wise… cough cough.)

Megan obviously is gifted in the English department, her writing craft is second to none, but she would also be the epitome of a perfect teacher. Megan has taught me so much verbally. Whether it is talking during car rides, conversations over lunch, or quick ten minute phone calls (because that is all our lives can squeeze in some days), she is full of wisdom, whether she’d admit it or not.

However, I have learned more from Megan by watching her. Megan is madly in love with Jesus. She is a faithful follower and believer in Christ and, oh boy, she love to talk about Him. For whatever reason, during my underclassmen years of high school, Megan took me under her wing. She was on some kind of mission, that I certainly didn’t understand at the time, to show me The Lord. For this fact alone, she deserves some kind of large trophy. To say the least I was (and still kind of am) a stubborn person. Yes, it has its advantages, but it also has its disadvantages, which can include (but is not limited to) thinking I have it all together.

Yes, that was me. All-together Erica. All of my ducks in a row, my life lined up, and I was on a mission. My own mission. My own plan. A plan that involved what I wanted, not what I was called to do, or be. I didn’t believe I needed to be healed, until I realized how broken I was.

Long story short, I was saved by The Lord shortly following my junior year of high school. But, I would have never been given the opportunity to do that if it wasn’t for Megan McCormack. She’ll deny it; she’ll say it would’ve happened eventually, that it had nothing to do with her. Maybe it would have, but I’ll call BS on that. Because at that time in my life, she was the only person trying to break through to me. Megan showed me the greatest gift I’ll ever receive in life. She gave me the opportunity to be in a beautiful, loving relationship with The Lord, and no thanks in the world will ever be able to tell her how grateful I am.

It wasn’t until more recently, though, until I learned truly how much Megan did for me. She was persistent; she was not going to back down. She loved me, but she loved Him even more. More than that though, Megan lived it out. Megan didn’t need to explain all the nooks and hold-ups of following Christ, because she simply did it. She didn’t speak it, He spoke it through her. Being in college reinforces me of the life I have chosen to live, and reminds me how freaking grateful I am for an older girl who fought for me. She fought for me to know The Lord, and now I have realized the beautiful grace I always had.

Tonight Megan gave her first club talk at a High School in Columbus, Ohio as a Young Life leader. I don’t think those kids realize how lucky they are. I don’t think they realize what a blessing of an individual was just placed before them. I am endlessly grateful for Megan, her voice, her spirit, and her being an impeccable light in this world. She is living out the life Jesus called her to, and she does it quite well.